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Records at 1 & 2 Euro + Special Guest => DJ Pinchado from Argentina/ 23rd July


RECORDS 1 - 2 Euro
Saturday 23rd July we have a special guest:
DJ Pinchado from Argentina will be promoting his new 7 " (Linda Bomba Amapola) and he will bring some rare stuff from Argentina.
NEW COLLECTIONS in the store on sale + EXTRA NEW STOCK
stocks from
Fred Nasen / Rush Hour / Triple Vision
Sales Dates:
Sat ______ 23rd July ______ 11:00 - 18:30
Mon ______ 25th July ______ 11:00 - 18:30
Wed ______ 27th July ______ 11:00 - 18:30
Thu ______ 28th July ______ 11:00 - 18:30
Fri ______ 29th July ______ 11:00 – 18:30
Sat ______ 30th July ______ 11:00 - 19:00
'90s House, Deep House, Tech-house, Techno, Detroit, Dub Techno, Retro, Chicago, Acid, Drum & Bass, Experimental, Wave, Avant-garde. Also a lot of '80s, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Disco, Soundtracks, 7 Inches ...
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Records Of The Month

Incl. tracks: A1 Put Yourself In Los Angeles 3:46 A2 This Is Me 2:58 A3 Voodoo 2:27 A4 Moorby 2:38 A5 Radio Void 2:19 A6 Just Like You 3:18 B1 Bust Stop 4:06 B2 Useless Information 4:41 B3 Moving Still 4:29 B4 Manic Melody (Hairy Beary) 3:41 B5 Heartbeat 5:51
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Incl. tracks: A1 Suite Amazónica A2 El Abrazo De La Selva A3 Carauari A4 El Hechicero A5 Hombres Trueno B1 Dança Do Corpo B2 Remontando El Purus B3 Hassell, El Oso Hormiguero B4 Hombres Lluvia B5 Adiós A Puerto España
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Incl. tracks: A1 El Secreto De Las 12 (The Secret Of 12 O'Clock) 6:49 A2 Pipo Y Las Libélulas (Pipo And The Dragonflies) 6:16 A3 El Hechicero (The Wizard) 3:01 B1 Doble Reflejo De La Luna En El Agua (Double Reflection Of The Moon On The Water) 6:32 B2 Hombres Trueno (Thunder Men) 3:40 B3 Ceremonia Mágica En El Estanque (Magical Ceremony In The Pond) 4:18
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Incl. tracks: A1 2nd Soul Of The First Body A2 A Madness Shared By 2 B1 From The Land Of Rape & Honey B2 Tribal Retribution C1 Babel C2 Bless The Mission And Toil C3 The Church Of The Red Museum D1 Sanctification For The Heathens D2 Hate The Truth Live The Lie D3 Ministry
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Incl. tracks: A Linea Verde B1 Linda's Body B2 Joe
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Incl. tracks: A Die Versunkene Stadt - Atlantis 21:32 B Vollmond-Selene 21:06
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Incl. tracks: A1 Woods 3:08 A2 Crossroads 6:42 A3 Burning Flower 3:19 B1 Error Of The Average 6:21 B2 Silent Sensations 5:45 C1 Hiding The Moon 7:00 C2 Rare Happiness 5:50 D1 The World 6:22 D2 Bruises 3:24 D3 Amo (Admiration) 1:33
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Incl. tracks: A Don 2:12 B Jon 2:35
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Incl. tracks: A1 Iannis Xenakis - Diamorphoses 6:50 A2 Luc Ferrari - Étude Aux Sons Tendus 2:44 A3 Michel Philippot - Ambiance I 8:41 B1 Henri Sauguet - Aspects Sentimental 7:08 B2 Pierre Schaeffer - Étude Aux Sons Animés 4:13 B3 Luc Ferrari - Étude Aux Accidents 2:12 B4 Pierre Schaeffer - Étude Aux Allures 3:32
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Incl. tracks: A1 Die Siebziger 6:10 A2 DNS Of Time 4:55 A3 No Repeat 3:00 B1 Urwald-Liebe 5:10 B2 Age Is A State Of Mind 4:26 B3 She's So Nice 5:55
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Incl. tracks: A1 Satisfactory 11:47 A2 Tight Pants 5:20 B1 Lasst Uns Singen 4:58 B2 Logischer Gefrierpunkt 6:43 B3 Harrakiry Mon Amour 4:00
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Incl. tracks: A1 Odd Spiral A2 Green Blob A3 Mobile Phone A4 The Goodies A5 Homage to Matta A6 Sympti A7 Tick Tock B1 Awaawaa B2 Back on Track B3 Ruby Past Lives B4 Wobbly B5 Robots Dancing B6 Babalonia B7 Sailing B8 Fun, The Final Frontier B9 Fanfare
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